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Purchase gift u selected u-factory genuine
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USB stick little body does have a large storage capacity and with it no matter how many files can be stored in a first time, and never worry aboutrunning out of storage capacity. But, you know what? When we buy a USB memory stick, make sure you keep your eyes, don't be cheated. Here, let uslook at gift USB flash drive when a number of points.

Custom USB flash drive

Custom USB flash drive

1, USB stick factory regular place to purchase, don't be cheap. There are alot of merchants selling cheaper, but beware the responsibility is muck.Inferior when in storage, can feel whose capacity for us is very unstable,and stored in internal things easily damaged, so when using a USB memory stick, you must select authentic. General price point goods, please do notchoose those particular cheap, don't be deceived by their eyes, which is nogood to yourself, when purchasing, you must start from genuine distinction,the only way to buy quality products.
Differential USB 2, true and false, and now there are many fake USB flash drive on the market such as the birth of common 8G, it is showing a muchlarger than this, so the disc is determined cannot be accounted for. Butsome of my friends asked how can you tell the truth u then?
3, we know it is to distinguish with the naked eye does not come out. In fact, wants to tell the truth, it is fairly easy, we can download a piece ofsoftware, and when downloading, using software to differentiate itscapacity. General software can easily distinguish it's capacity is true,then once you buy fake USB flash drive how to deal with it? Its approach isrelatively simple, u disk factories to suggest that people will be the firsttime the fast transfer of information within the file, so as not to damagethe material. No matter where you buy a USB memory stick, proposals mustpreserve documents so that once you have after sales, we were able to solvethe first time, document retention for our after sales there is a great dealof good, so tips you must keep documents.


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