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U-chip knowledge and quality details
Date: 2015-4-9    Hits:

Now u disc of species very of more, so now many of user in purchased u disc of when, first only will concern to u disc of storage capacity parameter, often is ignored has u disc of chip quality problem, actually u disc chip of quality is u disc most important of part, equivalent and we human of heart as important, so we in purchased u disc qián to more understanding some u disc knowledge.

Metal USB flash drive

Metal USB flash drive

First, core components of u disk storage is referred to as "FLASH Flash"chip, it determines the cost of product u disk of high and low prices, so weoften see u when u purchase prices vary, largely because of the use of"FLASH Flash" chips are different.

Second, classified as genuine Flash, Flash memory chips such as black Flash

1, and authentic Flash is refers to formal brand Flash, General for Korea, and Japan factory brand, as "Samsung", and "modern", and "Hitachi",; as brand u using of Flash main is "modern", and "beauty light"; gift custom u factory usually selection "Samsung" high-speed Flash price than this two a brand high out many, General for big customer high-end gift u custom (customer service hotline: 400-839-1839). But u make heavy use of "modern"and "beauty light" two basic price convergence.

2, the so-called "black" in General, there are two, a mean manufacturerssuch as Samsung, Toshiba, Hynix down out of the defective product, refers torecycle used Flash memory chip on the market. Because when chipmanufacturers in the production of Flash memory chips, wafer production isdown graded, and can be divided into 99% capacity, capacity, 93% capacityand so on. Grades lower than 93% capacity below the wafers are no longermarked with the sign of OEM sales, but will not be thrown away, into Taiwanand mainland small packaging plant and into the black market. Some vendorsis the use of lower-grade wafers, when polished, posted after Samsung orHyundai LOGO on them. Which do not meet the criteria of low chip costs, butbasically you can use, but low capacity. But into the black after the chipmarket because people who do black chips without the appropriate technicalcapacity, no shield could put chip bad blocks, so, bad sectors are likely tospread. Even more shocking was spectacular, some manufacturers in meddlingwith the chips on the sly, the direct use of 64MB 128MB product, made with128MB chip 256MB products, these chips are called "upgrade", then usingsoftware to cheat the system, so as to reap huge profits, the averageconsumer is difficult to distinguish.

3, current IC products also are beginning to diversify. For example with"modern" 512M chip, will be divided into three, with 1G, and anything elsethe distinction between their prices can vary from 10 to 20 Yuan; forSamsung's 1G chips, divided into two, price difference between a few dollarsto dozens of Yuan, the difference between them lies in the difference between transmission speed and capacity. Inexpensive USB flash drive, youneed to think more, and likely used a black piece, upgrade quality is toensure the credibility of and worry-free to protect your data, pleasepurchase the regular branded USB flash drive customization (

When you buy when u disk, first priority reference price of u disk, when yousee the price and capacity of u disk u disk to buy as little as possible,because it is an inferior product, understanding the knowledge is necessaryfor u disk.

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