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Gift USB USB3.0 storage market trends
Date: 2015-4-9    Hits:

2015 gift USB 3.0 becomes the new era, where is thedifference between USB 2.0 and 3.0U? By recognizing USB header in appearanceto distinguish USB3.0 and USB2.0.USB3.0 9 point of contact between theUSB2.0 only 4 point of contact between the USB interface USB2.0 interfacethat the plastic gasket is generally black in the 4 pin and USB3.0interfaces the plastic gaskets must be in blue, you can see two rows of all9 pins.
USB flash drive
USB2.0 and USB3.0 read/write speed comparison:

According to the excellent and long term tests have shown, the USB2.0interface measured an average read speed of 12MB/seconds, average write speed of 4-5/s; the USB3.0 interface measured an average read speed of85.762MB/seconds, with an average write speed of 30MB/seconds. Compared withthe test results under a USB2.0 interface, average write speed has more than doubled to 5 times more than twice the average read speed up by a factor ofnearly 5 times.

USB2.0 already unable to meet application requirements, which led to thebirth of USB3.0. More appealing to us, inextricably 10 times times thetransfer speed of USB2.0 and backward compatibility. We have reason tobelieve that future removable storage device equipped with USB3.0 interfaceon speed will reach new heights when we copy Blu-ray HD easy. While the 3.0product is a blend of today's most advanced technologies and the mostfashionable design trends, and meet the consumers needs and aestheticcriteria, will also become a symbol of an external storage products. Let uswait and see!

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