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Calculate gift USB flash drive capacity
Date: 2015-4-9    Hits:

We all know that buying a USB memory stick called 4G, 8G, 16G etc, butactual volumes are not so complete, generally missing 0 g, why is that? didexpansion of gift USB flash drive is a fake disk? said that was not true, in fact, give us a Universal USB tips below, on the actual capacity of the USB flash drive size.

Gift USB flash drive

Gift USB flash drive

If we bought a 8G USB flash drive, USB flash drive manufacturers iscalculated according to the conversion unit 1G=1000M, and the computer iscalculated in accordance with 1G=1024M, so the nominal 8G capacity USB flash drive on the market, actual capacity is only 8*1000=8000M, instead of8*1024=8192M we understand. This 8000M 8000M divided by 1024M/G (computer)=7.8125G=7.8G, be subtracted some system file space may be only 7.5G, so 8Gyou buy authentic USB flash drive, the capacity is displayed on the computerwithout 8G, usually in the 7.5G floating around.
Which is why the 8G authentic USB flash drive capacities are not exactlyequal to 8G because, in fact, this phenomenon is not only on a USB memory stick, as long as it is stored, such as portable hard drives, MP3, MP4, etc,this is because basically the same, so we need to know these facts, knowthis USB flash drive is the term normal, instead of fake and shoddyproducts. Manufacturers, of course, position, u disk error is normal. Butfrom the consumer's position regardless of what is considered a small seriesof errors cannot be passed on to consumers.
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